Introduction and Table of Contents

Welcome to this site. This site contains the reproduction of my book The Vast Wastelands of Unbelief published originally by Tate Publishing which has since closed its doors. I have decided to make some minor editing changes to the original publication and republished it on this site as the Wastelands of Unbelief. Here are the original chapter titles as they appeared in the book and the chapter titles are links to each chapter’s content. I hope you enjoy my work and please leave any comments you have  at my email address at


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Ultimate Boeing 747

Chapter 2 Genes, Memes, and Matter, Oh My

Chapter 3 The Vacuum of Darwinian Ethics

Chapter 4 Professional Skeptics

Chapter 5 Paley’s Revenge: Evolutionists and Intelligent Design

Chapter 6 Liberalism

Chapter 7 This Is Your Brain on Secular Humanism

Chapter 8 The Dark Side of Secular Freedom